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Welcome to TRANSTECH

TRANSTECH founded in 2008 jointly by Chartered engineers and professionals from the field of Power, Process, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Bulk Material Handling, etc. The founders of TRANSTECH have many other established manufacturing industries in diversified fields in India and the first company was established in 1979.TRANSTECH was founded with a vision to globaly represent products with innovation / materials with green tag and to bridge the technology gap in construciton materials / equipment / waste management, etc.

Geopolymer Materials Speciality Coating & Paints Bulk Materials
 Rapid Concrete Repair Products Cool Roof Coatings Flyash
Quick Setting Construction Materials  Water Repellent Coatings GGBFS, Slag
 Selfleveling Overlayment Elastomeric Coatings Metakaolin
 Quick Setting Screeds & Plasters  Speciality Paints  Microsilica
 Cold Weather Concrete Corrosion Resistant Coatings Microfine Slag
Rapid Setting Grouts Water Proofing Chemicals Coal

Geopolymer Materials (Rapid Repair & Construction)

Unique Features
Water activated, No heating involved and room temperature application
Instant /Rapid Setting - Set time ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes    
No Curing or No Priming Required 
Non-Shrink, Impervious to water, Fire resistant
Co-efficient of thermal expansion matches with concrete - High Durability
Ideal for FREEZE-THAW & Wet conditions  
Not affected by Sulfates and chlorides  
Non-Portland cement / Non-Epoxy based
Do not contain VOCs
Ecofriendly material   
Applications and Advantages
Rapid repair of Roads, Bridge Decks, Port structures, Airport Runways,etc.
Can be opened to trafic in < 2hrs
Freezer floors rapid repair & Cold Weather Concreting, etc. Suitable for conditions upto -100C
Rapid Setting Crack Filling Mortar Can be painted in 1 hr /taffic can pass in 3hrs     
Instant Water Sealant Cement Sets in 1 - 2 Minutes
 Fast Setting Anchoring Grout for rails,bolts,posts,. Expands slightly forming a tight grip
Self Leveling Underlayment / Overlayment
Accepts floor coverings / foot trafic in 2-3 hrs
Micro Concrete, Overhead Repair Mortar, Floor Screed, etc Rapid setting materials and no curing required

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Product Offerings

Rapid Setting Materials for Concrete / Structural / Road Repairs 
Quick Setting Materials for Construction / Cold weather concreting  
Eco Coatings (Anticorrosive, Heat Reflective >95 SRI, Waterproofing)
Ecofriendly and Green Building Materials, Low VOC materials 
Specialty minerals and Bulk / Cementitious Materials

Waste Management

GEOKRETETM-An inorganic polymer based binder used in

    Stabilization of organic & inorganic contaminants
    Lining of Waste Stabilization and Storage Ponds
    Encapsulation of  mixed & hazardous wastes
    Development of products out of industrial wastes

Service Offerings

Transtech renders specialised Services in
Product Sourcing (speciality minerals / materials / equipment)
Engineering services
Finaincial and EXIM services    

Latest Endeavour
Cool Roof Coating Up to 17 Deg Surface Temp. Reduciton
Most Ecconomical (100 -150 Sq Ft / Litre)
 UV Rays reistant and Water Based
 Excellent Water Proofing Property
 Out Standing Bonding to various substrates
No Primer required
 Non Toxic, No VOC and ECOFIRENDLY
 Improves inside air quality  Reduced load on A/c   Energy bill saving  Ideal for coating on Cement / Asbestos sheet, Concrete, Teracotta Tile, Metalic surfaces

Corporate News

MOU signed with M/s NAG Services, Melbourne

Top management of Australian Business Group M/s NAG Services, Melbourne has visited TRANSTECH to explore the business opportunities. MOU signed for bilateral trade association. ... Read More

HEATAWAY - New Generation Cool Roof Coating


Cool Roof Coating (UV Resistant) 
Reduces surface temperature upto 17oC. Reduces load on A/c & electricty bill
HEATAWAY now available in liquid form with cost advantage
... Read More


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